Moshpit Digital Website

Built using React and Gatsby.js, this proved to be one of my most challenging sites, as I had to pick up the project in the middle, but the end result is gorgeous.

High Street Online Ordering

Built with my knowledge of Laravel PHP, this site serves as an ordering platform for a sandwich shop. With many quality of life features, such as one-click shop shutdown, limiting the number of orders in a time frame, and more, this site really tested my abilities.

SLO Cider Website

This is the most recent website I created as part of my work for Moshpit Digital, using HTML, SCSS, PHP, and really letting me practice my jQuery to create dynamic elements.


This is a database that I built myself that stores my personal rankings for every movie that I can remember seeing. Built with MySQL, it currently displays the movies in order of rating, with the plan to increase interactivity on the webpage itself.


This is a bot meant for Discord built with Node.js. It does everything from giving other users points, to creating a D&D character for online quarantine play, to eventually giving recommendations on movies in my Movies database.


I created as part of my work for Moshpit Digital, using HTML, SCSS, PHP, and jQuery.

Project Everest

Project Everest is a game that myself and a group created as part of a final project for my Game Design class. It is a 2D platform fighter in which you are attempting to climb to the top of the course while simultaneously hitting your opponent with various weapons. This project helped me learn C++, the Unity game-engine, and how to manage my time properly while being the team leader. I recently completed work on this project, and the complete source code can be viewed here!

Mint SLO Website

This is one of the most recent websites that I have completed, using all of my skills with HTML, CSS, and PHP to deliver a complete site in less than half a day.


Sleep-Aid is the first site that I constructed for which I still have a working version of the code. The purpose of this site is to provide a soothing screen and sounds to help the viewer to fall asleep. This project was an exercise in JavaScript and, by extension, jQuery development.

Brainy Email

For a class project spanning two quarters, myself and my team were tasked with creating an email middle-man to respond to questions from customers asking about an ad on Craigslist. The idea was to have the AI answer every question it could and only bother the seller with emails if it needs to close a sale or clarify some information. This project helped instruct me in SQL, re-educated me in Python, and helped me learn about server management and setup and become a better web developer in the process.


Blockhead is a project that I was tasked with creating in my Introduction to Computer Graphics class as a final test of my proficiency with C++ and the Visual Studio development environment. The project was the culmination of all of the topics learned during the quarter, including model matrices, vertex shading, texture mapping, and keyboard interrupts, as well as a foray into controller input and collision detection.

B.S. in Computer Engineering

California Polytechnic State University

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